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Make this year, YOUR  year! My weight loss challenge is the perfect motivation for you!


Start weight  over 21 stone

Current weight 11 stone

Loss 11 stone

Hi I'm Amanda

17 years ago I had meningitis, I spent years in & out of hospitals,wheelchairs and surgeons tables.  A specialist considered removing part of my brain to give me some form of quality life. Having a stroke and slipping discs in my back slowed my recovery down. Each day that was good was a blessed day and I did my best to enjoy it. I was reliant on medication & addicted to morphine & felt like a vegetated failure I needed to take charge of my own flesh.

In April 2015 I took my final dose of morphine which had taken approximately 7 months to withdraw from. Then I had to live without medication & my body had been so addicted it was hard to function without it.

My husband and I joined a gym and started the recovery process. In the beginning I could only manage 5 minutes of exercise at a time but entering the gym was an achievement in itself. I vomited and felt self conscious every time I walked in. The constant support and encouragement of my family and friends kept me motivated and dedicated to the huge task. Over the following months the 5 min's of exercise had increased to 1-2 hour training sessions! I have a vision of what I want my body to achieve and staying committed will achieve this vision. Be encouraged to get a vision and commit to achieving it. All things are possible

I now work as a personal trainer at Phoenix Fitness helping others to achieve their transformation. If you would like to meet me or allow me to help on your journey either message me or come see me at Phoenix.

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